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Som‚Äčerset Sports Therapy

Our aims at the clinic are to make your life more comfortable and to feel more relaxed. We will look to find the root cause of your pain and to conduct an in-depth initial consultation and look at a treatment plan that works for you and gets you results.  To treat the pain and maintain a pain-free lifestyle, the clinic offers a bespoke service from your initial consultation, soft tissue therapy/massage through to rehabilitation to recovery, It may be that you are just looking to return to sport, you may have just injured yourself playing a sport or you may just have injuries that now have stopped you playing your favourite sport or going for that daily loved walk.

It just may be that you have aches and pains that need some help to be alleviated.

You may not even play can be a healthy person who loves gardening or lots of walking and staying fit but occasionally you get those days when everything feels tight and sore, knotty muscles and lower back pain. This is when massage is amazing for alleviating these aches and pains.

We are a Covid friendly private gym that offers small classes with private personal training and rehabilitation sessions in the privacy of your own space.

We believe that movement is important for physical and mental health and we incorporate this across all that we do and the services that we provide.

You might be looking to lose weight, improve your lifestyle or transform your health and wellbeing, or you might be looking at strength training for running, cycling or triathlons to improve your times or to push yourself to the next level. 

We offer Spinning classes that can be tailored for all abilities